Welcome to the new WilSoc members!

Hi everyone!

It’s a new academic year which only means one thing… more natsci freshers – i.e. new WilSoc members!!

After moving into college, it was time for the Freshers Garden Party followed by a tour of the science sites (after finally managing to round up all the new Natscis!)

Garden party

Garden party!

Following tradition, after the tour everyone went to the NatSci dinner at Giraffe. Everyone got to know each other better and develop a NatSci bond, and (as usual) many of the second years took the opportunity to scare the first years about the amount of work involved!

NatSci Freshers dinner at Giraffe

NatSci Freshers dinner at Giraffe

After going back to the bar, it was the first Cambridge night out for many of the freshers at Cindies and a perfect start to an amazing freshers week and year! We hope that all of the new NatSci family enjoy Cambridge and we’re looking forward to seeing you guys at all the WilSoc events this term (starting with the Natsci and mathmo pubcrawl on October 13th – be there!!)

WilSoc love,
Trina 🙂


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