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Hi, I’m Horatio, a second year Physicist. I took Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Materials Science last year. The Physics course starts out quite gently with Dynamics which crosses over strongly with the Mechanics you will have done at A-level. You should all have Bob as your Supervisor for Physics. He is fantastic and will give you Skype supervisions over the holidays if you’re really struggling, as well as answering questions you email him. Labs are relatively straightforward mainly with the purpose of refining the way you approach and write up experiments as opposed to grading you harshly. If you want to carry on Physics into the second year your Director of studies wants you to get a 2.1 in both Physics and Maths in first year. You will also have to take Physics A,B and Maths as your second year options as the overlap helps hugely. If you have any questions feel free to email me at hc432@cam.ac.uk

Physics course website: http://www.phy.cam.ac.uk/students/teaching/current-courses/Ia_overview