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Hi, I’m Trina, a second year NatSci and the 1A Chemistry module rep. I also did Biology of Cells, Earth Sciences and Maths for Biologists in first year, and I’m carrying on with chemistry this year and hopefully 3rd year too 🙂 Chemistry (the best module!) is definitely challenging at some points, but the topics are all interesting and give you a broad base in physical, organic and inorganic chemistry. Each topic is taught by a different lecturer, all of whom give you thorough notes and tell you what other things to draw/write, so you don’t need to take extra notes, unlike other subjects. The first lecture course on Shapes and Structures may feel like it throws you in at the deep end, but the new concepts start to make sense by the end of the first term and from then on everything seems easier and fits together more. The notes for every topic are great, so personally I don’t think any extra textbooks are needed; however, Chemical Structure and Reactivity by Keeler and Wothers (two of our lecturers) provides explanation of the whole course in more detail so can be good to reference if there are bits that you don’t fully understand from the lectures. If you have any other questions or need help with any parts of the course, please feel free to contact me – my email is ts611@cam.ac.uk Trina 🙂


Chemistry course website: http://www.ch.cam.ac.uk/teaching/course-guides