Biology of Cells

Biology of Cells is a first year course which builds on many fields introduced in A level biology, though it also possible to take this course without having done biology at A level. It covers areas such as biochemistry, genetics, development and cell communication.


Cells has three lectures each week and almost every lecturer gives out printed notes to summarise each lecture, and most (though not all) also publish their powerpoints on moodle so you can look back over them after the lecture. There are practicals almost every week, most of which last 4-5 hours though it can vary.


The Cells course has no official text book, though it is written so that most of the relevant information can be found in Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts et al. The most recent edition is the 6th. However, you don’t need to buy the book unless you particularly want to. Sidney library has several copies and all the department libraries (zoology, physiology etc) also have copies which you can either borrow or use for reference in the library. Another useful text book is Lewin’s Genes X as genetics is less well covered by Alberts.


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